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LOTG Inc. is a non-profit organization, based out of Louisville, KY. Created and powered by women, our mission is through a team driven approach, to encourage, inspire, strengthen, and empower women and children in our community.

We are in the process of gearing up for our “Ladies of The Gridiron” (L.O.T.G) launch. This is an 8 to 12 week flag football league (powder puff), for women who are 21 and older.

Since 2009, the focus of this organization has been to raise health awareness in the Louisville Metro community. The primary goal of the LOTG league is to have fun while getting and staying fit! We are extremely proud of the women who participate in this league because majority our players are not athletes, but are working women (doctors, lawyers, beauticians, barbers, business owners, military, mothers and grandmothers) who dedicate themselves to practice, during the summer months and give their all on game days. With self – accountability on their minds, they become motivated to exercise and develop healthy living and eating habits, all of which boost their self –esteem and confidence. This league has also formed “sister-ships” and bonds between the women, throughout the teams. We are revamping our vision this year, to not only focus on Louisville, but all of Kentucky and surrounding areas.

Needless to say this event is growing rapidly! When we started in 2009, we only had 4 teams of 20 women on the roster. Since then we’ve expanded to 10 teams of 15-20 women. We’re excited about that accomplishment, but even more excited to reach other women. Women’s health is the forefront of LOTG. As we encourage women to challenge themselves through healthy eating and living, we have incorporated a high paced, challenging and competitive sport. We foresee this being an amazing way to promote healthy lifestyles in the women across the state.

The visionary behind L.O.T.G. is Louisville’s own, Ca’Queta King. She was recently awarded and recognized by the city of Louisville for her contributions to the Louisville Community. She, along with her league donated over 300 back packs, full of supplies to needy children in the community as well to The Center for Women and Children. Throughout the LOTG season, she and her staff have hosted HIV AWARENESS week, offering free HIV and other sexually transmitted disease testing. During half time shows L.O.T.G. also hosted zumba-thons, including not only their players but community spectators as well. Other events such as blood drives and breast cancer awareness has been implemented.

Her vision has grown to also encourage young girls and communicate to them, that they can do anything that they set their mind to doing and with that, has held intramural flag football games for girls ages 7-20. Fun was an understatement! These girls ran off of the field feeling as if they could take on the world! That experience has prompted her to want to incorporate more games for girls (L.L.O.T.G. Little Ladies of The Gridiron). This will be Louisville’s first all – girls football league! It is her intent to continue to grow and promote health awareness in not only Kentucky but eventually, across the world.

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Congrats to LOTG's 2015 Champions,
Rebellious Jaguars!

Congrats to LLOTG's 2016 Champions,
The Pink Team!

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